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Established 2002

As a small independent publisher our aim is to not just offer a small independent publishing house service but to also offer services that will assist any writer/author who wants to take control of their own books and writing career.

Through the people we work with Pen & Ink Designs Publishing can assist you with all necessary preparations of your manuscript, from formatting to illustrations, cover design to publishing and so on.

We are not a traditional publisher in the sense that we do not operate in the same way the more bigger publishing houses do. However, we do give as good as, if not a better more personal service. This is mainly because we are more hands on and are able to dedicate and adapt our services to suit all the individuals needs.

We offer a full publishing service, but can also give you advice on all aspects of the writing process through our Links Group. Each member of the Links Group will have been carefully vetted to ensure that they are able, and willing, to give the best possible service they can. This makes it easier for those who wish to locate the types of specialist service provider needed to prepare their work for publication.

Please be aware that we limit the number of authors we take on our books at any one time. This allows us not to over stretch ourselves, but it does ensure we can dedicate the  necessary time needed to ensure that each author receives the best possible service we can deliver, meaning they are satisfied.

Pen & Ink Designs Publishing works in association with the Mentoring Writers and Kids4Kids.org.uk organisations. They provide some of the specialist services we can offer all writer/authors.

If you feel you would like to work with us, either as a Links Group Provider or would like to be considered for publication then please contact us.



*      Advice on starting to write

*      Mentoring with regular advice and support

*      Copy typing, reviewing and editing of manuscripts

*      Proof Reading, grammatical and layout checks

*      Website design, creation and site administration

*      Help with self-publishing

*      Help with production of your Media Kit

*      Assistance with Marketing

*      Links to our websites and social media

*      Advice on setting up a Podcast

*      Assistance with any other aspect of your writing



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