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Established 2002



Short Stories:

Mentoring Writers 2021 Short Story Book

Pen & Ink Designs Short Story Book

Changing History - An anthology 2023

Historical Fiction:

Dear Friends: Letters From Abroad *


The Doyle’s Casebook Trilogy

Dracula: The Untold Story

Adult Content:

The Brampton Musketeers



A Multitude of Stars - An anthology

One Year of Poetry - An Anthology

A Year of Poetry 2 - An Anthology  

Can You Hear Me - Poetry

Adult Self-Help Books:

The Survival Guide to Giving Birth

The Survival Guide for New Parents

YA Self-Help Books:

The Same As You: A Teenage Diary Unlocked

Adult Novelty Books:

An Illustrated Guide To Help Adults Destroy the Planet


Mentoring 2021 PI SHort Story Dear Friends Doyle's Casebook Multitude of Stars One Year of Poetry Can You Hear Me Birthing Book Dracula Parenting Book Brampton Destroy the PLanet


Picture Books:

Little Friends Woodland Adventures x 6

Little Friends Garden Adventures x 6

Little Friends Farmyard Adventures x 6

Jolly Loves Jelly

The Cronkle - A Christmas Story

Mostyn & The Dragon

Children’s Short Stories:

The Mystical Treehouse & Other Fun Stories

Children’s Chapter Books:

My Family (with small images)

The Gap in Between (with images)

The Runaway  Mug

The Enchanted Island of Mythynys

Middle Grade Mini Novels:

Charm of the Chosen One - Young Fantasy

Activity Books:

Little Friends Adventures - Colouring Book


Little Friends Jolly Loves Jelly The Cronkle Mystical Treehouse My Family Gap in Between Teenage Diary LF Colouring Bk Little Friends Little Friends A Year of Poetry 2

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Changing History

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The Runaway Mug Mostyn & The Dragon Mythynys Charm