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Established 2002

LATEST NEWS  -  20-04-22

It’s been sometime since we last updated out News Page. That’s because we’ve been quite busy trying to work with author Ann Brady in getting control of her books back from her old publisher who has chosen to retire due to ill-health and family commitments.

We have been having a very busy few months and have published a new book titled The Brampton Musketeers by author Robina Brooks, a pseudonym of writer Ann Brady. We have asked her to do a short blog explaining her reasons for using a pen-name as we believe other authors/writers will find this interesting. It will also help them decide if they should look at using a pen-name when choosing a new genre to write in.

Working with Mentoring Writers, they have restarted uploading new podcasts to their website - www.mentoringwriters.co.uk but the shows can also be found on https://mentoringwriters.libsyn.com/website and most good podcast show providers such as Apple, Google Play etc.

We are also delighted to announce the launch of Maureen Gannon’s book The Survival Guide for New Parents. This book will be a great compliment to her The Survival Guide to Giving Birth which we published on her behalf last year. Maureen is a midwife of many years experience so these two books would be a great gift for any new parent to be.

As our public view is not as large as it could be we have been working on updating our website and will be following this through with a more concentrated effort of advertising our services through our social media links. We can be found on Facebook and Instagram at the moment but will be extending our message out through Twitter and LinkedIn and other such outlets. We hope once we do you will link up with us.

In the meantime we hope you all had a great and relaxing Easter. We appreciate that we are currently living in uncertain times but are keeping our spirits up and hope not just our authors but all writers do. Call back for another visit as we shall be announcing the launch of two new Picture Books - one for children and one for adults. Now that has to be a first for us.

If you need any advice on writing then please do not hesitate to contact us or our associates Mentoring Writers.

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