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Established 2002

LATEST NEWS  -  28-07-22

Yet again time has flown, another month has passed and we are heading into the Autumn months.

This month we are pleased to announce the launch of Jolly Loves Jelly by our youngest author, Lorella Pacey has been a great success. Lorella is fortunate to have a father who is as eager as she is when to comes to promoting her book. During this month Lorella has managed to attend two interviews on radio, local, to where she lives. She has also done a presentation at both her old school and her new one with the book being well received. And as even got her local bookshop to accept signed copies of the book in store. This is one hard working young lady. More about Lorella can be found on her website: www.jollylovesjelly.com

An alternate book having been launched is An Illustrated Guide to Help Adults Destroy the Planet by Lawrence Dracut. Lawrence’s unique take on getting adults to understand the damage we are doing to our planet is fantastic and the book, which is in reality a PB for adults, is an amazing piece of art work illustrated by our resident artist Cerys Edwards. Lawrence is not set on a campaign to literally bomb those organisations that concentrate on preservation and conservation with a copy of his book with a view to promote it and his ideals. More details about Lawrence can be found at: www.lawrencedracut.com

We future books lined up for publication including a real-life story about a young girl’s time spent in Jakarta with man-eating dragons, deadly snakes and dangerous butterflies. This is a new chapter book to entice the youngsters into the world of Indonesia as it was, and probably still is, in the 1980’s. Watch this space.

 Mentoring Writers, our mentoring arm of the business, has been delighted to announce that their unique download numbers for their Mentoring Writers Resource Box Podcasts has now topped over 10,600. For a podcast that only specialises in the writing world we feel this is a great result, and we offer them our congratulations. Remember, if you need any help with writing then please do not hesitate to contact us or our associates MentoringWriters.co.uk and I am sure they will do their best to assist you.

And that’s it for now folks. Enjoy your summer break if you are having one and keep writing.

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