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Established 2002


Here at the Pen & Ink Designs Publishing offices, we have had a busy time re-organising how we operate, as well as updating our website.

We are delighted to be adding new links for two new Illustrators whose work is excellent. And we are hoping that both our current authors, as well as the new ones who will be joining us shortly, will enjoy working with one or both of them.

We are also in negotiation with an American-based Illustrating business for our overseas authors. This will enable us to offer a wider variety of options for any author who wants to work with us.

With the advent of AI and Threads (an Instagram Addition), we have, with our partner organisation Mentoring Writers, produced a short podcast titled, The Pros & Cons Of 'Threads.'  This will go live this Friday 15th July. It is a short bullet point listing of what the status of Threads is in relation to Europe, and how it is currently working.

Mentoring Writers is also compiling a short podcast about AI and what their experience has been with it so far. Details can be found shortly on the Mentoring Writers website.

Printed versions of  both the above will be available in the Resource Links section shortly.

We are also delighted to announce that a Workshop has been accepted and will be offered as part of the RWA (Romance Writers of  Australia) annual workshop programme. This is organised for the month of September. The details will be going live shortly so, for our Australian & New Zealand followers) check this out if interested check.


And, that’s it for today. As you can see we have a lot of work in the pipeline, but if you need help with your publishing needs then please feel free to contact one of our Team.

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