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We are often asked why does my manuscript need further editing once I have done it? And what exactly does an editor do that a simple spelling and grammar check programme can’t?


The simple answer is that an editor will make sure your manuscript is the best it can be. A good editor isn’t just going to check for typos and punctuation. Their aim is to offer you an impartial, but informed perspective view of your work. By working in close partnership with you they are able to guide you on matters such as structure, style and content.

An editor will further ensure that your manuscript is polished and shows the professionalism needed to distinguish your book in what is a crowded marketplace. They can also provide a good sounding board for new ideas, as well as offering their own.

Although computers can be useful when it comes to grammar and spelling, unfortunately no software has yet been developed that can successfully identify the vagaries of the English language and it’s grammar idiosyncrasies one hundred per cent of the time. Also what about books with non-standard grammar?

Remember, writing is an art, which does involve breaking the rules sometimes. This is where a good editor comes into their own as they will understand this.

Pen & Ink Designs editorial staff offer comprehensive editing services thus ensuring the highest standards of accuracy and thoroughness.

If you need help with this please contact us with details of your project for a free consultation with one of our editorial team!


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