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Audiobooks are becoming the fastest growing area of publishing, and it’s easy to see why.

With the busy lives we lead being able to take a break and relax can sometime be hard. Which is probably why more and more people are listening to books while travelling to and from work, not to mention whilst exercising, cleaning, etc.  Listening to Audiobooks allows us the opportunity to take those much needed breaks.

Modern streaming platforms like Audible make things even easier as you can carry a whole audio-library around with on your smart phone. This allows you to dip in and out, whenever you have that moment, into a variety of subjects, from science fiction to political biographies to fiction.

We know audiobooks have been around for a long time – but it’s possibly new technology which has led to such a dramatic increase in it’s availability and sales. More and more authors realise that just ‘publishing a book’ is not the final result you also need an audio version of your work.

Children’s picture books are another growth area for audiobooks. Yes we know they won’t get to see the illustrations but still the audio does have its own possibilities. You can add additional sounds that are not shown in the written version. Doing so will bring something different and life to the story. Choosing the right narrator can imbue your words with soothing tones which would be ideal for bed time.

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