With a childhood split between the Far Eastern metropolis of Jakarta and the tiny Scottish hamlet of Midmar in Aberdeenshire, Suzanne Smart developed a strong interest in travel, culture and languages from a young age. She has long been a keen writer and worked for 13 years as a professional translator.

This book had been an idea whirling around in her head for quite some time, but without the time to sit down and do it. Until a long period of furlough during the Covid-19 pandemic finally afforded her the opportunity.

The impetus for writing The Gap in Between was to provide a keepsake for her two daughters, Mali and Cerys Edwards, with Mali also working on the book as co-illustrator.

Suzanne lives in Cardiff, where she now works in community and educational arts outreach and teaches piano. As a classically-trained soprano, she has performed many leading operatic roles and enjoys applying her skills and experience to her education work.


* * * * *

Cerys Edwards is Pen & Ink Designs in-house Illustrator. She has proven herself excellent at producing great quality drawings to each authors specifications and also is able to work with young illustrator/authors by helping them achieve the right amount of excellence needed for their illustrations to be used in publications.