After over 30 years in the writing world writing Children’s Picture Story Books this lady has chosen to try a different genre of writing. To preserve any confusion with her standing as a children’s writer she has decided to write under a pseudonym as Robina Brooks.

The Brampton Musketeers is something totally different to the style of writing and the genre that Robina has published in her real name over the years. This story is not only about friendship but it does contain some adult content. And whilst Robina thought it might be a one off, her Beta Readers are hoping she will produce more along similar lines.

It has been commented that, ‘Whilst The Brampton Musketeers isn’t overly steamy it does contain a teenage rape at the beginning of the book; this is very relevant to the whole story. It took Robina a long time in deciding if she should tone it down or not but in the end her readers felt that she had handled it carefully enough to get the message across that No means NO, yet still keep the integrity of the story.’

By using a pen-name Robina felt she would not muddy the waters where her successful children’s PB series was concerned as she still has plenty more of this type of book planned for the future.

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