Mentoring Writers Podcasts are free to listen to on the Mentoring Writers website. They are aimed at helping new, developing and even established writers process their journey through our crazy writing world.

We try to offer you something that covers all aspects of the writing media but if there is a specific subject you think we have missed and you would like to hear a podcast or if you need help with your writing then please contact us at:                    

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I love listening to your podcasts as they are so interesting and offer such great advice. Thanks for this superb service. Brian - Mentor - USA

Great podcast Ann at Mentoring Writers. And thanks for the boost to my moral with your latest one P088 Well Done. It certainly boosted me when I was feeling a little low due to block in my writing. Thanks Ann you are great.

John P. - Author -Wales

Another good podcast MW. You certainly get to the bottom of stuff that bothers us new writers. Your podcast on Preparing a Picture Book for Publication has helped me no end. Thanks for this superb service.

Sebastian - author - UK