John Phillips is a Welsh poet who has been writing poetry for some time. When writing in this format John’s work tends to be light-hearted and observational. Whereas, when writing in his pseudonym of Lawrence Dracut his short stories, that are written for  adults only, are often cynical or have a sarcastic edge.  He does this through his enthralling,  amusing, and often thought-provoking writing; attempting to make his audience aware of the very real potential, and possible demise of this planet of ours.

John’s other pseudonym is that of Sebastian Stumblebum. Through this character he writes stories for children, wanting to bring smiles and happiness to his young readers, sometimes through placing some messages of kindness.  How they should care for animals, their friends, and family. But also, how they should take care of the environment, while still amusing themselves with the hilarious characters that are filled with magic, such as those created and written about by Sebastian.  He hopes they all enjoy reading his stories.

John’s poems can be found in the following book:



A Year of Poetry 2

An anthology from Lis’ Poetry Place

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