Derek Brady is new to the world of writing. The Runaway Mug being his first foray into creating a short story book for children.

The story tells children about a little boy who yearns for a drinking mug much like his Grandfather has. So, for his birthday his Mom chooses a very nice mug called Claude. The little boy loves Claude, but in time he soon loses interest in him.

With Claude no longer feeling loved or wanted he decides to run away from home. This story tells of his adventure and how he finally finds happiness.

* * * * *

The author tells us this book is based on a simple bedtime story he used to tell his children when they were young. He said the only problem was that he never got to finish the tale but the story has always remained with him.

He decided to complete the story as a small book for his young grandchildren so they could enjoy the tale of the Runaway Mug.

This is a story that will delight young children, reminding them that they should also take care of the things they want, like, and love, or otherwise one day they may just disappear.