Chrish Vindhy is a multi-talented UK based Sri Lankan illustrator who can tell a story from pictures without uttering a single word.

Her God given ability to bring mere stories to life using both digital and traditional techniques has made her a master of this craft.

These creative illustrations are a result of her dedication and commitment.

She is an author of children's books and uses her imagination to pen the best memorable stories for children. Vindhy is also a loving wife and a mother to 4 children. And apart from being a storyteller, and an illustrator, she is a qualified Architect.

When not writing or illustrating, Vindhy finds time to create unique crafts, bake cakes, and create beautiful icing structures combining all her abilities in her arsenal.




Tom and his Trunk is a beautifully illustrated story featuring Tom an elephant calf who does like his trunk. In fact he sees it as a liability. But he changes his mind when his older and wiser parents show him the various benefits of his trunk. A delightfully told story with an important message. It would also work well as an animation as the elephant characters are adorable.