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One day all the Little Friends were gathered together in a clearing in the middle of the woods. they were having a very secret meeting.

The ants, Abby, Annie, Alex and Andy had been sent to every corner of the woods to tell everyone about the meeting. Everyone that is but Bella Bee!

You see, today it was Bella Bee’s birthday and even though she thought her friends had forgotten about her they hadn’t. The Little Friends had decided to give Bella a surprise party so they had all pretended to forget what day it was.

Dolly Dragonfly had been told to take Bella as far away from the woods as possible so she wouldn’t find out about the secret meeting. Dolly had asked Bella to show her where the best flowers were, so Bella had taken Dolly to the big garden at the edge of the fields.

Dolly was to keep Bella away from the woods for the rest of the day. To make sure they didn’t come home too early Dolly took her time flying to the garden; making sure she kept Bella very busy by asking her questions about all the different types of flowers and plants they flew past.

As the meeting started Godfrey Grasshopper told everyone to be quiet so Flora Frog could give each of them their jobs.  They wanted to be ready to surprise Bella when she returned.

“Betsy Beetle and Benny Bug, you are to collect nice juicy leaves,” said Flora Frog.

“Carrie Butterfly and Leah Ladybird, you are to gather as many pretty flowers as you can find. Make sure they have plenty of pollen in them won’t you,” she finished.

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