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Being a teenager in to-days world doesn’t seem that easy to me. Of course, when I talk to my older relatives they tell me that no-one ever found it easy being a teenager, not even them. I had thought that as the world became more open through the internet and reality TV shows that people would find it easier to cope and to talk more. But apparently that’s not the case. And I should know being a teenager myself. Or at least I was when I started writing this.

My story is a short one and came from me finding myself in an uncomfortable and awkward position. You see I have failed my final year at school. Not through any fault of my own as I did try to succeed when I attended school. And that’s the hub of the matter I didn’t get the chance to go to school as much as I should have. Anyway, for the moment I digress and I think I should explain why I am writing this story.

Well you see it was like this. My Grandma (Mom’s mom) came up with the idea that I should write a short story on the stress and problems that I have just gone through. She said I was probably not alone and that other teenagers my age might have the same or similar problems whilst growing up. She thought that my story might perhaps help them deal with their problems. Everybody’s story is different but helping yourself is all the same so if you can find the strength to do it then try.

After all, I'm one of YOU and this is how MY story has gone so far.

I was born in England in 1994, growing up in an old Victorian house that was built before the two great wars. This place was my home and I found my life reasonably contented and happy. I grew up with all of my family around; my parents, my sister, cousins, grandparents and of course, aunts and uncles. Every year we would come together, to celebrate Christmas, Easter or Bonfire night. For those of you who don’t know English history and about bonfire night it's where we burn a fake Guy Fawkes on the top of a fire. We also eat pie and mushy peas with some gorgeous HP sauce on top.

(Guy Fawkes tried to blow the English Parliament up on 5th November 1605, a long time ago and that is why every year we celebrate his capture.)

To go with the fire we have many different types of fireworks. Although many events brought the family together it is Bonfire night that holds some of my favourite memories.

As I grew up and left primary school we moved closer to my aunts and I now went to a different high school. The first friend I ever made there is still my friend to this day. Though I say this, remember that not all friends you have in high school will be your friends in the future.

At the age of fourteen I moved countries to Australia. I lost contact with many of my friends and of course, a lot of my family. I've been living in Australia for over 4 years now. That first year here I was so shy about making new friends. I also had trouble getting used to the fact that I had to call this new place home. At fourteen moving puts a big stress on one's life. Having made all my friends in England I realised I was never really one for change. I was comfortable in my own zone, my own little world, so moving to Australia took me way beyond my normal boundaries. Having moved I had to go through the whole process of making new friends and for me this was very difficult, especially when they couldn't generally understand a word I was saying. Turned out you have to talk slower in Australia; my kind of slow was their kind of fast. Because of the different term times I had to work my way through grade nine again and then on through grade ten.

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