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Freddie was a curious fly, who always liked looking inside things or under things. He lived in the barn with his family and thought how lucky he was to come from such a big family. Freddie had three brothers and three sisters to play with and they all lived in an old birds nest high up in the corner of the barn roof.

It was always warm in the barn and his mommy and daddy always made sure everyone was happy. There was lots of good stuff to eat around the barn and somewhere comfy to sleep at night.  

Freddie and his three younger brothers enjoyed playing games together. Sometimes they would play hide and seek as there were lots of fun places to hide in around the farmyard. When it rained they would chase each other around the barn. But they couldn’t do this a lot as their older sisters would complain to their mother that they were getting in the way or were too noisy. Still the brothers enjoyed playing games and they had lots of fun together.  

Freddie and his family lived in the country where there were lots of open spaces. There were other buildings close by which he wanted to explore but his Daddy had been very stern with him, telling him he could not fly any further than the edge of the farmyard wall. Freddie found this very frustrating as he wanted to explore the big wide open spaces of the countryside where his older brothers went with his daddy to get food for the family.

One day it was very warm and Freddie’s brothers didn’t want to play because it was too hot so they decided to go up to the barn roof to laze and snooze in the sunshine.

Freddie felt sad and fed up with his brothers because they wouldn’t play with him, so he decided he would go to the end of the yard to see what was happening in the countryside over the wall.

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